The Art of Building and Leading High-Performing Tech Sales Teams: The Career of Christian Kabrich

Christian Kabrich’s Tech Sales Career

Christian Kabrich is a rare gem in the world of tech sales. With over a decade of experience in building and leading successful sales teams, Christian has earned a reputation as a master of sales process and coaching. As the Vice President of Sales at, a cloud-based content management system, Christian continues to inspire and empower his team to achieve remarkable results.

Why People Love Christian

One of Christian’s former colleagues, Jared Hocking, who reported directly to him as a Customer Success Manager at Inkling, had this to say: “Christian is a mentor before manager, a master of sales process and coaching, and an empathetic motivator who puts his team’s well-being and achievement first.” Jared’s testimonial speaks to Christian’s exceptional leadership skills, which have enabled him to build sales teams from scratch and scale them to exceed their quotas by an average of 135%.

A Rich History of Success in Tech Sales

At Inkling, Christian built the first mid-market sales team and business development team, growing the team from five members to twelve. His mentorship helped five individuals gain promotions within the company to their desired roles, an impressive feat in the tech sales industry.

Throughout his career, Christian has excelled at creating the right infrastructure, compensation plans, and territories, and setting clear qualification criteria for his sales teams. His ability to motivate and manage sales teams has earned him numerous accolades, including President’s Club recognition and the highest employee retention rate on his sales team.

Tech Sales Leadership

If you’re looking for a top-notch leader to accelerate your company’s growth and empower your tech sales team to succeed, look for someone like Christian Kabrich.

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