How to Get into Tech Sales

How to get into Tech Sales

Tech sales is the practice of selling software, hardware, and other tech-based products or services. Before we delve into how to secure a job in tech sales, it’s essential to lay a solid foundation by defining what tech sales really means. However, it’s worth noting that tech sales is an expansive field. Tech sales professionals can sell anything from a cloud-based CRM system to an IoT device with sophisticated software. Let us show you how:

What is Tech Sales?

Here’s a simple classification of the products you might encounter and sell in a tech sales role:


  • Software Products encompass digital solutions which can either be installed directly onto the user’s computer (on-premise software) or accessed via the internet on the vendor’s servers (Software as a Service, or SaaS). This category includes a plethora of products, like CRM software, document-signing applications, accounting programs, email automation tools, and more.


  • Hardware Products refer to tangible tech equipment on which the software runs. Examples include desktop computers, laptops, servers, tech gadgets, smartphones, and other physical devices.


  • Finally, tech sales could involve offering consultation and troubleshooting services to organizations without in-house IT personnel. The tech savvies delivering these services may specialize in a particular area or boast a wide array of IT skills.


As a tech sales specialist, you’d be partnering with organizations that leverage multiple tech-based solutions. For instance, a firm selling computer software might also provide organizational tools or cloud-based CRM systems to manage their client data efficiently.


At its core, tech sales revolves around collaborating with clients to understand their specific challenges and identifying tech solutions that can address these. Some organizations might require straightforward solutions, like a new range of laptops, while others—especially those with high-value accounts—may require a diverse suite of technologies, such as sales tracking tools or automation systems, to escalate their productivity.


Tech sales often involves demonstrating product features, explaining the benefits, negotiating prices, closing deals, and offering post-sale support. In the final analysis, your triumph in tech sales hinges on two pivotal factors: your knack for cultivating robust relationships with customers and your comprehension of the technology you’re peddling.

Is Tech Sales a Good Career?

To satisfactorily address this question – “Is tech sales a good career?” – we need to weigh several factors. Embarking on a career journey in tech sales can indeed be immensely fulfilling. It offers the golden opportunity to stay current with the latest technological advancements, work with a wide array of businesses, and receive competitive remuneration packages.


A distinct characteristic of the tech sales landscape is its dynamism. The role of a tech sales professional metamorphoses in step with the rapid evolution of technology. This translates to a multitude of opportunities for career progression and the potential to specialize in various technology domains.


Nonetheless, a career in tech sales is not devoid of challenges. It demands a unique blend of technological acumen, superior interpersonal skills, and the capacity to bear pressure and meet set goals.

How to Break into Tech Sales

Pondering over how to break into tech sales? The journey begins with acquiring a firm understanding of technology and the fundamental principles of sales. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a computer science degree or a sales background, but some education or experience in these areas can be beneficial.


Tech sales professionals need to understand the technologies they’re selling and be able to communicate their benefits to non-technical customers. So, part of breaking into tech sales involves becoming conversant in the tech space you wish to enter. This might mean learning about AI, cloud computing, or cybersecurity, depending on your interest.


Salespeople must acquire selling principles through formal schooling, online courses, or on-the-job training. Important sales skills include negotiation, active listening, customer relationship management, and understanding customer needs and challenges.

How to Get into Tech Sales with No Experience

Breaking into tech sales with no prior experience can feel like a mammoth task, but trust me, it’s entirely achievable. The magic recipe consists of three main ingredients: highlighting your transferrable skills, constant learning, and hands-on experience.


To kick off, take a thorough inventory of your existing skills and past experiences. Maybe you’ve had a stint in a role that involved interfacing with customers? Or perhaps you’ve taken a computer science course or pursued a technology-related hobby in your free time? These experiences could serve as stepping stones into the world of tech sales. Don’t shy away from emphasizing these in your resume and during interviews.


Next up is learning. Free online courses, insightful blogs, informative webinars, and bustling forums are all at your disposal to help you master both the tech and sales landscapes.


Lastly, but arguably most crucially, look for opportunities to get your foot in the door at tech companies. Internships and entry-level positions are gold mines for gaining first-hand experience and building a professional network in the field. You might not land a sales role right off the bat, but any exposure to a tech environment is a stepping stone on your path to a sales career. Remember, every role provides valuable insights and skills that can inch you closer to your goal. If you’d like more insight, visit CareerPaths and get lucrative career opportunities and tips!

Tech Sales Job Description

A tech sales job typically involves selling tech products or services, understanding customer needs, and providing excellent customer service throughout the sales process. Key responsibilities might include:


  • Understanding and demonstrating tech products or services.
  • Identifying potential customers and initiating contact.
  • Understanding customer needs and offering suitable solutions.
  • Negotiating prices and terms of sale.
  • Closing sales and providing post-sale support.
  • Building and maintaining customer relationships.

Best Tech Sales Jobs

Sales Development Representative (SDR): Usually considered a stepping stone into tech sales, this entry-level position primarily involves generating potential leads and scheduling appointments for the sales team. It’s an excellent springboard for those aiming to make their mark in tech sales.


Account Executive: This job demands a blend of managing customer relationships, comprehending customer needs, and driving sales of products or services to address those needs. Mastery of sales principles and stellar communication skills are key traits for an Account Executive.


Sales Engineer: This role calls for a more technical bent of mind. As a Sales Engineer, you’ll be demonstrating product features, responding to technical queries, and aiding customers in understanding how your product can resolve their issues.


Sales Manager: This leadership role necessitates managing a team of sales professionals, setting performance goals, and formulating strategies to achieve these objectives.


VP of Sales: The VP of Sales oversees the sales department and sets the company’s sales strategy.

Tech Sales Career Path

The tech sales career path can be diverse and flexible. Many professionals start in entry-level roles like Sales Development Representative or Account Manager, where they gain a solid understanding of sales processes and the tech industry.


They can become Sales Engineers, Account Executives, or Sales Managers with experience. Some may choose to specialize in a particular area, like cybersecurity sales or AI sales, becoming subject matter experts in their field.


At the highest levels, tech sales professionals can become Directors or Vice Presidents of Sales, overseeing large sales departments and shaping the sales strategy of their organization. Some may also branch out to start their own tech companies or consultancies.

Entry Level Tech Sales Jobs

Entry-level tech sales jobs are ideal for individuals breaking into the field. Titles for these roles vary but can include Sales Development Representative, Junior Account Manager, or Sales Associate. In these roles, you’ll typically be responsible for lead generation, initial customer outreach, and supporting senior sales staff.

Average Tech Sales Salary

The role, company, and technology sold determine tech sales salaries. Payscale estimates that an entry-level IT sales representative in the US might earn $50,000 in 2023. However, it’s worth noting that bonuses and commissions can substantially augment the actual earnings, making tech sales a potentially lucrative career path.


More senior roles like Account Executive or Sales Engineer can command salaries upwards of $90,000 to $120,000, and top executives like VPs of Sales can earn well into the six figures. Moreover, many tech sales roles come with lucrative commission structures, meaning successful salespeople have the potential to greatly increase their earnings.


In conclusion, it can be a challenging but rewarding career, offering excellent opportunities for learning, growth, and earning. Now that you’ve learned about the landscape of Tech sales, let CareerPaths show you the right path for you. By being with CareerPaths, you can hone your skills, and take advantage of the right opportunities to pave your way to tech sales success!

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