Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Ok, you’ve got an interview scheduled and now need to prepare for the most common sales interview questions.  Check out our sample questions and answers below.  Best of luck on your interview.  Turn these answers into your own and you’ll be sure to ace the interview.

Why do you want to work in sales?

Answer: I am drawn to sales because I am a people person, I enjoy building relationships and helping people find solutions to their problems. Sales role also gives me opportunity to put my creative problem solving skills to test.

2. Can you give an example of a difficult situation you have faced in sales and how you overcame it?

Answer: One situation I faced was when a large potential client who was not returning my calls or emails. To overcome this, I did research on the company, found the decision maker’s LinkedIn profile and reached out to them, explaining my previous attempts to contact them. I then suggested a meeting and it turned out to be a great opportunity for both parties.

3. How do you handle rejection?

Answer: I handle rejection by looking at it as an opportunity to learn and improve. I always try to understand why a prospect isn’t interested and see if there’s anything I can do differently next time.

4. How do you prioritize your sales leads?

Answer: I prioritize my sales leads based on their potential value to the company, the likelihood of closing and urgency.

5. Can you tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer?

Answer: One time, I had a customer who was very unhappy with the product. I listened actively to their feedback, apologized for the inconvenience and ensured they were satisfied by providing a solution and following up with them to ensure they were still happy.

6. How do you handle objections from potential customers?

Answer: I handle objections by actively listening to the customer’s concerns and addressing them directly. I try to understand their perspective and offer a tailored solution that addresses their specific needs.

7. How do you stay organized and manage your time effectively?

Answer: I stay organized by keeping an updated to-do list and calendar. I also use a CRM system to keep track of my leads and deals, and prioritize my tasks based on importance and urgency.

8. Can you give an example of a big sales success you had?

Answer: One example is when I closed a deal with a company that was worth over $100,000 by building a strong relationship with the decision maker and providing tailored solutions to their specific needs.

9. How do you keep track of your sales goals and progress?

Answer: I keep track of my sales goals and progress by setting clear and measurable objectives, using a combination of CRM software, spreadsheets, and checklists to track my progress, and regularly reviewing and analyzing my performance.

10. How do you stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments?

Answer: I stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments by reading trade publications, attending industry events, and networking with other sales professionals.

11. Can you describe a time when you had to work on a team to close a big sale?

Answer: I have had to work with cross-functional teams several times, and it is always a great experience. I am able to learn more about different departments and make sure that the team is working effectively to close the deal.

12. How do you ensure customer satisfaction after a sale is made?

Answer: I ensure customer satisfaction by following up with them to make sure that they’re happy with their purchase and to see if they need any additional support.

13. How do you identify new sales opportunities?

Answer: I identify new sales opportunities by networking, researching potential clients and looking for industry trends.

Sales role is quite dynamic, it requires a certain set of skills and personality, these are some of the questions you might expect during an interview. Remember to prepare examples that demonstrate your relevant experience, skills and qualifications.

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